Divisions & Number of qualifying spots up for grabs

Number of Individual Qualifying Spots for Fittest in OK 5

Individual Novice M/F (15/15)
Individual Intermediate M/F (30/30)
Individual Advanced M/F (15/15)
Individual Masters 35-44 M/F (20/20)
Individual Master 45+ M/F  (15/15)
TOTAL individual spots = 190 (IF we get a large portion of any age division, we will consider splitting the age divisions into smaller age brackets for live event.)

Number of Qualifying Teams spots for Fittest in OK 5

Team Novice division = 20
Team Intermediate division = 25
Team Advanced division = 15
Total Teams = 60

Based on how you or your team finishes the Online Qualifier will determine which division you will be invited to compete in for the live event.

Posted November 14, 2016 in: FiOK 5, Fittest In OK, Qualifier by Fittest In OK