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Where should I park and setup?

Great question, thanks for asking. There are plenty of options close to the box. Here are a few notes:

Please DO NOT park along 14th, directly to the south of our building. This area will be reserved for the beginning of Event 1 – Team Murph.

Athletes – Setup for your tents and rest area will be in the parking area on the east side of our building. There is a warm up area on the north and west side of our box as well. 

Parking – There is FREE parking for Athletes and spectators in the Dolese parking lot, which is southeast of our property.

Are kids invited?

We know you want to have your biggest fans there to cheer you on. That being said, we’re expecting a large crowd of people coming and going. While we have plenty of space, it may be a little crowded. Just be aware of that and the inherit issue of people moving heavy things around.

Will we be inside or outside?

Glad you asked. Most events will be indoors, except for one event on Saturday, which will be outdoors. You may want to pack sunscreen.

Will there be seating?

You are more than welcome to bring your own seating. But, we do anticiapte large crowds that will be coming and going. You may want to encourage your fans to come cheer you on during your heat times and then making room for the other fans. 

When will the workouts be posted?

Another great question. Soon, very soon. We’ll update them here, post them to our Facebook Page, and email them out to the registered teams.

Additional Questions?

Send us an email to info@fittestinok.com and we’ll answer you right away. 




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