Fittest in OK 5 – FAQ

How are teams going to work this year?

If you want to go team for FIOK5, you must register your 4-person team to compete in the online qualifier first to earn a spot. The online workouts will be formatted so that teams will NOT have to do the workouts together, rather it will be individual workouts that are combined for your team score. SO you can have teammates from other gyms/cities and still field your scores.


What is Super Scaled Division?

This division is only for the online event. This division is designed to allow more of your members to participate in the online event. Workouts will be very inclusive and movement standards will be for the beginner and those new to competing. This division is a great way to get more people from your gym involved and turn the online qualifier into a community event! We will have a team division for super scaled as well as individual. THERE WILL BE NO SUPER SCALED DIVISION IN LIVE EVENT.


Which division should I compete in for Online Qualifier?

If you want a spot in any division in the Fittest in OK 5 live event, you must register and compete in the Open Division. If you only want to participate in the Online event, then you can choose either Open division or super scaled division.


What divisions will the live event include?

This year we will have 3 Open divisions, novice, intermediate, and advanced along with masters (35-44) and masters 45+. For teams Based on how you finish in the online qualifier will dictate which division you will compete in the live event. See section above for number of spots in each division.


Do I have to submit a video for workouts?

No, a video is not required in order for you to participate. A video is required if you wish to be considered for prizes for Online Qualifier winners.


How do I submit my video?

You must include a link to your video when you submit your score with Red Belt Digital. A link to submit your score will be on our website, www.fittestinok.com


Do you accept late submissions?


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