Individual Event 4

Swimmers Delight – ALL DIVISIONS

PART A – For time

50m sprint [0:00 – 2:00]

Rest with time remaining

 — 2:00 Time Cap –

PART B – For distance/time

Round 1: 50m swim with 1:30 time cap [2:00 – 3:30]

Round 2: 100m swim with 2:30 time cap [3:30- 6:00]

Round 3: 150m swim with 3:00 time cap [6:00 – 9:00]

Round 4: 200m swim with 4:00 time cap [9:00 – 13:00]


Notes and Movement Standards:

  • All swimmers must start in the pool. There will be no diving off blocks or the side of the pool.
  • Any swim style or stoke can be used.
  • Each lap ends with athlete touching side of the pool above the water for judge to see OR if you are doing a flip turn, your feet have to touch the wall.
  • Goggles and/or swim caps are allowed, but no other equipment will be permitted.
  • If athlete finishes a round under the time cap, they must rest until next round starts.
  • All athletes must stop and start each round at the designated time.
  • SCORE 4A = time to complete 50m swim
  • SCORE 4B = Total meters completed with time as a tie breaker. No partial laps will count; athlete must complete the full 25m length of pool to get credit for that leg. If you do not complete a round within time cap, your score will be meters completed (under time cap) with your time to complete previous round as tie-breaker.

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