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Team event 4

Swimmers Delight – ALL TEAM DIVISIONS

With a continuously running clock:

PART A – for time

25m x 4 sprint relay [0:00 – 3:00]

– Time Cap 3:00 –

2 teammates will start on one end of pool and 2 on the other.

Athletes must hand tag above the water at each turn and then get in the active lane for their 25m leg.

PART B –  For time/distance

Then teams split into pairs — any combo MM or FF or MF; each pair completes for time (2 scores):

1- 50m x 2 – 2:30 time cap [3:00 – 5:30]

2- 100m x 2 – 3:30 time cap [5:30 – 9:00]

3- 150m x 2 – 6:00 time cap [9:00 – 15:00]

4- 200m x 2 – 7:00 time cap [15:00 – 22:00]

Notes and Movement Standards:

  • All swimmers must start in the pool. There will be no diving off blocks or the side of the pool.
  • Any swim style or stoke can be used.
  • Each lap ends with athlete touching side of the pool above the water for judge to see.
  • For relay portion, one lane will designated as the active lane, all 4 teammates must complete their 25m sprint in that lane. Athlete in waiting will be in adjacent lane and cannot enter active lane until they hand tag their teammate above the water.
  • Once you have completed your 25m you must enter the non- active lane an return to the end of the pool your judge is standing at.
  • Goggles and/or swim caps are allowed, but no other equipment will be permitted.
  • If athlete finishes a round under the time cap, they must rest until next round starts.
  • All athletes must stop and start each round at the designated time.
  • SCORE 4A = time to complete 4x25m sprint
  • SCORE 4B = Pair 1’s Total meters completed with time as a tie breaker.
  • SCORE 4C = Pair 2’s total meters completed with time as tie breaker
  • No partial laps will count; athlete must complete the full 25m length of pool to get credit for that leg. If you do not complete a round within time cap, your score will be meters completed (under time cap) with your time to complete previous round as tie-breaker.

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