Event 4 - Saturday Presented by 405 Brewery and Outlaw Promotions



For time (8 Min Cap each pair / 16 Mins total)
Part 4A
For time
Wreck bag front squat (RX: 70#/50#) | SC & Masters 50#/35#)
Bar facing burpee

Part 4B 
(with any time remaining)
Find 1RM snatch + hang snatch

SCORE = each individual time and weight


Each team will have 2 stations (one for men and one for women)

M1 and F1 will start at same time and complete all work.

With any time remaining, M1 and F1 will complete Part 2. (M2 and F2 can help load barbell for M1/F1)

Teams can take as many attempts of 1RM complex as time allows.  

Then M2/F2 will complete part 1 & part 2; clock will be continuous, so their time starts at 8:00 on clock.

Movement Standards

Wreck Bag Front Squat: The movement will start in standing position, with hips and knees open.  At the bottom of the movement, the crease of the hips must pass below the top of the knee. At the top, the knees and hips must be completely open and locked out, with control shown.

Bar facing burpee: must be performed perpendicular to and facing the barbell. The athlete will jump the feet back so that he or she is lying on the ground. The athlete’s head cannot be over the barbell. The chest and thighs touch the ground at the bottom. The athlete must jump over the barbell from both feet and land on on opposite side of bar. Single-legged jumping or stepping over is not permitted.  The bar must be loaded with at least one set of bumper plates to keep bar height consistent for all athletes.

NOTE: We are following the open standards for burpees, so he or she may NOT step backward or forward one foot at a time when lowering and raising to and from the ground. On the way down, the athlete must jump both feet back simultaneously. On the way up, the athlete must jump both feet forward simultaneously. This rule is for ALL DIVISIONS (RX, Scaled and Masters)

Snatch + Hang Snatch complex: The snatch and hang snatch can be power or full squat variations. The first snatch must start on the floor and finished overhead with control shown. Once that is attempted the bar must stay off the floor until the hang snatch is completed. For hang snatch portion of complex, the bar can go past knee if the athlete chooses to, and must finish overhead with control shown.  “Press outs” are allowed, however the bar cannot touch any part of the body from the chest up, including top of the head.


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